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The Young Years

I was very impressed with the restoration you did of a picture of my mom and my three sons. The colors were so vivid and the reproduction so perfect that I could hardly believe my eyes it was so beautiful. Even the background that didn't exist was brought to life and made to appear as if it was always there.
-- Adelle Globerman

the beautiful family

This work is an incredible transformation from a photo that was very faint and in bad shape. Ari was able to bring out the facial features and the tremendous detail of the clothing and surrounds as well.  This picture was taken in 1952 as I was probably around two years old.  This picture has tremendous importance to me as one of my grandchildren looks very much like me in this picture and is also two years old at present. I had confidence that Ari would be able to restore this picture as he has done an amazing job of restoring other pictures that have been torn and faded over time from  the 1920's and on. Some of these pictures were pre-world war ll and were in transit until 1951 when we arrived in Canada.  Other childhood family pictures had also been torn, faces scratched out by children in the family and simply in bad condition. Since my parents' passing these pictures from the past have become even more valuable to me. Ari has managed to repair all of the old pictures I have hired him to restore, even the partially scratched out pictures! Ari has brought them all back to life! So even though I am very grateful Ari has managed to save another classic family picture, I am not completely surprised anymore. Ari is an artist and he manages to use his talents along with the necessary patience and precision necessary to magically restore all the detail.  Ari also adds the necessary lighting to return each picture back to not only to it's original state but also transforming each picture as a work of art! These refreshed and enhanced pieces are then picture perfect with authentic restoration of an era of picture taking long gone. Congratulations and many thanks for your restorations so meaningful and hold such importance to me. I can now pass them along to other generations going forward.
-- Barbara Shell

slinky Boy

I was so pleased with the work that ajhphotorestoration accomplished on two baby pictures that were 45 years old. One photo had adhered to the cracked glass of the frame which ajhphoto was able to recreate like a new photo. The coloring of the image was recreated true to the image. Thank you.
-- Mina Soloman

Cool Boy

Can't believe how incredibly sharp this new image looks big difference from the old one thx Ari!
-- Ana Vergara

Young Boy Laughing

Thank you Ari! our restored baby pictures will make a wonderful addition to our family wall next Brian's boys and my daughter and sons picture! You are an artist. I am recommending you to everyone. Thank you again Ari Hoffman.
-- Helia Caleiras

Ari was a complete professional from start to finish of the photo restoration project. From Pick up to providing copies both printed and electronic it was a pleasure to deal with him. The results of the project were outstanding and he even went the extra distance to do the research on my Great Grandfather's uniform details to make sure the photo looked its best. Exceeded my expectations!
-- Doug Curtis

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