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AJH Photo Restoration Digital Art Design is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with its feet firmly planted on the prairies.

Old, scratched, bent, torn, burned, water-stained, cracked and mildewed. We all know what happened to those old photos over time – they received too much of the wrong kind of love. They were passed around, shared, tugged back and forth, tucked away in a pocket for a time, or even a wallet. Perhaps you forgot them in a drawer, or there was a flood in the basement.

It’s time to show your old photos some new love!

AJH Photo Restoration Digital Art Design was created in 2016 by Ari Hoffman, a gold-medal diploma graduate from the University of Manitoba. Ari began work in digital photo restoration after discovering a definite need in his hometown of Winnipeg, and he soon began to receive orders from out of province and the United States. Customers were thrilled to discover that faded memories could be resurrected with crisp, vibrant detail.