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Photo Restoration Specialist Based in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.
Meticulous Renewal of Faded & Damaged Photos. Bringing Old Memories Back to Life!

Winner of the 2004 Gold Medal in Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, Ari J. Hoffman combines the refined eye of an established visual artist with cutting edge restoration tools to produce superb digital restorations of your torn and faded photographic memories. Each piece is made-to-measure; meticulously studied and crafted to reproduce not only important photographic details, but to revive the essence of the image itself to your liking. It will be as if your photos were taken yesterday!

With each custom piece, you can expect Ari J. Hoffman to passionately put his artist’s eye to work, approaching each project with keen attention to detail.


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All of my work is customized for the job and the client! Like the subtle gradations and details of a photograph, a restoration may need to address minor, moderate and severe damage in the same image. Each job is quoted individually and the price agreed to before work commences.

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I asked Ari to restore a photo as a gift for my son. It wasn’t in great shape as the colours were faded and there were some “unidentifiable” areas. Ari asked lots of questions about the subject content to get a feel for the context/understanding of the photo and then he combined his technical and artistic skills to create amazing results - it was as if he was restoring a cherished memory. I would highly recommend him for any restoration needs. He demonstrated a true understanding of the importance of memories and did his utmost to be authentic.
-- Veronica deVries
Very professional, extreme attention to all details in photos and colour correction spot on. Exceptional photo restoration!!!! Would highly recommend. Best regards,
-- Karen Morgan
Great job amazed how it turned out,looks great
-- Odile Phillips
I feel very fortunate to have come across this stunning photo of my grandmother in an online photo database while doing some research for my family. The subjects in the photograph were listed as unknown. I was so excited when my grandmother confirmed she was the young lady holding the guitar! I have never taken anything to a photo restorer before but am very pleased to have contacted Ari Hoffman. One version of this photo was luckily scanned in high resolution to a photo archive database but was missing a piece of the guitar my grandmother was holding. Ari was able to make the guitar whole again and skillfully restore this beautiful photograph. I very much love this photograph of my grandmother and it is truly a treasure to have been found. Thank you so much for your time, attention to detail, and the wonderful work you did restoring this special photograph, Ari. My family and I are very happy. Thank you. Sincerely,
-- Stacy Ponask
I contacted Ari at AJH Photo Restoration and Digital Art Design in Winnipeg to restore a 70 year old mini wallet size picture of my mother than had a multitude of imperfections. Ari provided an immediate quote, was flexible in our agreement, performed the work quickly and presented a digital and 8 x 10 photo print that was impeccable. The details of the photo that were restored including the eyes and shadows were exceptional. I would recommend his work to anyone looking to get high grade professional photo restoration.
-- Andrew Calista
I'm speechless. Even at that low resolution, the quality and your precision are evident. Many thanks!!! I very happily approve the image as restored.
-- Alan Lockerby
Thanks so much for doing this for my family ... love it n greatly appreciate it .... definitely recommending you n will get some more thing done by you...
-- Bradley Jack
It's stunning. Amazing work. That is perfect. Really appreciate it. You did such an amazing job, worth every penny.
-- Cathy Pope
Thank you again for everything. The picture is absolutely fantastic! It looks better in real life than it did on the computer. It far exceeds my expectations! My mom will love this!
-- Kim Perron
Thanks again Ari for saving my son's grad picture. You went above and beyond my hopes of restoring such a badly damaged photo. PURE MAGIC!
-- Marcy Shewchuk
Ari...the wedding portrait of our parents that you have perfected to immense perfection...I have framed and hung...as if it were an original...thank you so much...
-- Ruty Rosenzweig
Ari was a complete professional from start to finish of the photo restoration project. From Pick up to providing copies both printed and electronic it was a pleasure to deal with him. The results of the project were outstanding and he even went the extra distance to do the research on my Great Grandfather's uniform details to make sure the photo looked its best. Exceeded my expectations!
-- Doug Curtis
Thank you ever so much for the wonderful re do on the picture of Carla and I . The artistry is amazing how you can take an old faded photo of us and bring it back to life . Your a true artist!!!!
-- Carla And Wayne Vickar
I was talking to Ari, I told him that I needed a picture done. He was like sure. Not a problem. There was glass over it. And water stains. He said I can do it! I said. Awesome! He did. When I saw it. It looked amazing. I was in shock on how well it turned out. We were showing people around us. They where impressed. I am very happy he was able to fix the picture.
-- Justin Smith
This updated photo is so clear and clean. Ari, I would not expect anything different from you as you are a perfectionist in what you do and accomplish. Very well done and I love it. Thank you.
-- Lucy Braverman
Over the years, two of our memorable photos, our wedding portrait and a cherished family photo had faded and my wife Heather and I were afraid that they would be lost forever. I consulted Ari Hoffman to see what he could do with them. When he showed me the restoration of the photos I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ari had done an amazing job of making those faded photos look new again. Ari is truly the master of photo restoration. Thanks Ari for your fast, efficient, friendly and professional work!
-- Cliff Yaffe
Just cannot say enough about how happy I am ,,,, totally blown away!
-- Mavis Druzyk
Hi Ari. Just wanted to thank you for the great work you did restoring the photo of my dad and I. It's 47 years old and my favourite picture in the whole wide world. It looks fantastic. Thanks again for making it look so great!
-- Sheri Smyth
My wife and I would personally like to thank Ari Hoffman for the amazing work he did restoring some pictures of my father inlaws parents and his 2 siblings..... If anyone ever needs pictures restored I highly recommend Ajh photo restoration digital art design.
-- Jaime Campos
"Ari is truly a miracle worker when it comes to photo restorations. He took two family photo of ours and restored them to immaculate condition. They look better now than they did originally! In my opinion, Ari is truly a one-of-a-kind master of his craft and of the photo restoration industry. I will always bring my photo restoration projects to AJH Photo Restoration, because I know I can always be guaranteed attention to detail, precision and perfection! I highly recommend AJH Photo Restoration to all of my friends and family, constantly. Thanks, Ari!" Thanks!
-- Mark Gershkovich
Ari, I love what you did to my dad’s photo. Unbelievable! What a difference between the look of the old photo and the restoration. Thank you very much. I recommend Ari to everybody to restore pictures from the old one to a new one you will love. Grazie!
-- Grazia Latrofa
Romantic Day At the Beach
Hey Guys! Check out my friend's Ari's work AJH Photo Restoration Digital Art Design! I got this pic fixed for my parent's anniversary last week! They loved it! Keeping the memories alive! Thanks for the amazing work Ari Hoffman.
-- Antonio Metzi
Old Beautiful Photo
After my parents passed away we had a lot of cleaning to do. We had boxes of old pictures to go through. I came across a picture of my great grandfather holding my sister. This picture was probably from 1949. It brought back such wonderful memories that I gave it to Ari to restore. When he returned it you would have thought it was taken yesterday. Thx Ari. I highly recommend you to anyone needing pictures restored.
-- Debby Berenhaut
The Young Years
I was very impressed with the restoration you did of a picture of my mom and my three sons. The colors were so vivid and the reproduction so perfect that I could hardly believe my eyes it was so beautiful. Even the background that didn't exist was brought to life and made to appear as if it was always there.
-- Adelle Globerman
the beautiful family
This work is an incredible transformation from a photo that was very faint and in bad shape. Ari was able to bring out the facial features and the tremendous detail of the clothing and surrounds as well.  This picture was taken in 1952 as I was probably around two years old.  This picture has tremendous importance to me as one of my grandchildren looks very much like me in this picture and is also two years old at present. I had confidence that Ari would be able to restore this picture as he has done an amazing job of restoring other pictures that have been torn and faded over time from  the 1920's and on. Some of these pictures were pre-world war ll and were in transit until 1951 when we arrived in Canada.  Other childhood family pictures had also been torn, faces scratched out by children in the family and simply in bad condition. Since my parents' passing these pictures from the past have become even more valuable to me. Ari has managed to repair all of the old pictures I have hired him to restore, even the partially scratched out pictures! Ari has brought them all back to life! So even though I am very grateful Ari has managed to save another classic family picture, I am not completely surprised anymore. Ari is an artist and he manages to use his talents along with the necessary patience and precision necessary to magically restore all the detail.  Ari also adds the necessary lighting to return each picture back to not only to it's original state but also transforming each picture as a work of art! These refreshed and enhanced pieces are then picture perfect with authentic restoration of an era of picture taking long gone. Congratulations and many thanks for your restorations so meaningful and hold such importance to me. I can now pass them along to other generations going forward.
-- Barbara Shell
slinky Boy
I was so pleased with the work that ajhphotorestoration accomplished on two baby pictures that were 45 years old. One photo had adhered to the cracked glass of the frame which ajhphoto was able to recreate like a new photo. The coloring of the image was recreated true to the image. Thank you.
-- Mina Soloman
Cool Boy
Can't believe how incredibly sharp this new image looks big difference from the old one thx Ari!
-- Ana Vergara
Young Boy Laughing
Thank you Ari! our restored baby pictures will make a wonderful addition to our family wall next Brian's boys and my daughter and sons picture! You are an artist. I am recommending you to everyone. Thank you again Ari Hoffman.
-- Helia Caleiras