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In order to begin work on your photograph, the first step is to scan it at a high resolution. This scanned photo is then uploaded or emailed to AJH Photo Restoration Digital Art Design, restored, and returned to you as a file, which can be saved on your computer or printed if you desire. Scanning the original prevents the possibility of loss or further damage when sending items through the mail.

Some photos require more work than others, and this step is also necessary to give you the most accurate estimate of the restoration cost. All of my work is customized for the job and the client! Like the subtle gradations and details of a photograph, a restoration may need to address minor, moderate and severe damage in the same image. Each job is quoted individually and the price agreed to before work commences.

AJH Photo Restoration Digital Art Design uses the Pay Pal system for all transactions. Using a single, proven method of payment is fast, simple and efficient for both company and customer!

When the work is complete, you will receive a watermarked proof of your photo for final approval. Once approved, an invoice will be sent to you via email from PayPal. This email will contain a secure link to their site, allowing you to purchase your finished copy. Once payment is received, you receive your completed photo restoration, free of watermark, and ready for printing if you choose. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay for your photo restoration.


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Maximum 5 images can be uploaded at a time. Minimum of 300dpi recommended.